Mobility & Rail Connectivity Study

The Westside Mobility Plan is creating a blueprint for transportation planning through 2035.  This plan will be comprehensive in nature, multimodal in scope, and address required short-, medium- and long-term actions. Further, the plan will address the land use-transportation connection and be cognizant of climate change initiatives.

A primary objective of the plan is to increase the passenger-carrying capacity and efficiency of the transportation system through a coordinated series of strategies potentially including transit, highway and alternative mode improvements, trip reduction strategies, pricing schemes, urban design, and land use intensification at transit-oriented developments (TODs).  The study is evaluating rail transit options for the Green Line extension, the Lincoln Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard corridors, and for other potential connecting corridors.

The plan is developing new ways to measure and evaluate the performance of the transportation system, considering measures such as vehicle trips, vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions in addition to traditional level of service measurements, in reaction to legislative requirements such as those set forth in Assembly Bill (AB) 32, SB 375 and AB 1358.

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