The West Los Angeles Transportation Improvement and Mitigation Specific Plan (WLA TIMP) was adopted by the City Council in 1997 and replaced an interim ordinance that had been in effect since 1988. The Specific Plan consists of an area that includes all or parts of the Westwood, West Los Angeles, Brentwood-Pacific Palisades, and the Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey District Plan Areas generally bounded by: the City of Beverly Hills, Beverwil Drive, Castle Heights Avenue, National Boulevard, Hughes Avenue on the east; Sunset Boulevard on the north; the City of Santa Monica and Centinela Avenue on the west; and Venice Boulevard on the south.  The premise of the City of Los Angeles TIMP program is to prepare a transportation mitigation program to alleviate the expected impacts of new development on the circulation system.  The purpose of the adopted impact fees is to fund transportation improvements required to accommodate growth in the area and has is often used to augment other funding sources.

The WLA TIMP TIA fees were adopted to provide a funding mechanism for transportation improvements needed to address transportation impacts generated by the projected new development within the Specific Plan area, and to require that new development projects mitigate project-related transportation impacts. New development projects are required to pay the TIA fee to DOT prior to the issuance of any building, grading or foundation permit.

The Westside Mobility Plan will update the West LA TIMP Specific Plan, including an updated list of transportation improvements and trip fees.

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